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    Red Hulu Kratom



    Do ice zombies oppress you?  Do you hear “Winter is coming?” far too often?

    (or for us in Michigan it really feels like winter hardly left, but we digress…)

    We can’t help but think of warmer weather, jousting tournaments and probably dragons.  What do dragons have to do with our awesome new strain you might ask,.. and well to be honest nothing much, but they are cool.  Our reviewers, who are totally not dragons are telling us that our new Red Hulu strain is:

    • relaxing
    • euphoric
    • relieving

    The Hatter who envisions himself as sitting on an awesome throne of tea cups is indeed quite impressed with this rare strain that has come to his most amazing tea shoppe.  This particular strain is hard to come by and you should give it a try, my sweet summer child!

    Please leave your review to help others and share your vibe!

    Love and Tea!

    -The Hatter

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    1 oz., 2 oz.


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