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    Red Horn Kratom



    Calm down, Karen!  Ugh… if ‘Karen’ just had some of this kratom, she probably wouldn’t have said all those stupid things on the inter-webs that we are currently watching (that’s our opinion, anyways). She could have stayed home with a smile on her face while reading a book on being more socially appropriate.

    Our reviewers are super excited about this new strain to our site!  They state:

    • so calm
    • so focused
    • so relieved of discomfort
    • so not feeling the need to go to the store to make racists diatribes or needless political confrontations

    The Hatter says this is our most mellow kratom! He has said that it is perfect for afternoons, evenings or before bed.

    Karen says: My bad, yo.

    Please leave your review to help others and share your vibe!

    Love and Tea!

    -The Hatter

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    1 oz., 2 oz


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