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    Red Bali Kratom



    There once was a Hatter from Nantucket,

    Who would oft drink his tea by the bucket,

    And though he was quite mad,

    His selection was want to be had,

    His prices made you think he said… “oops…”

    Our reviewers ended that differently, we’re not going to lie… They have dirty minds and will be staying after class today to explain this and probably many other things.  They also had this to say about our new Red Bali strain:

    • a subtle energy boost
    • balance of energy and pain relief
    • will not inspire you to rhyme

    The Hatter, when not writing limericks, was excited to add this new strain for it’s great balancing characteristics.  It is a popular strain amongst kratom enthusiasts!

    Please leave your review to help others and share your vibe!

    Love and Tea!

    -The Hatter

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    1 oz., 2 oz.


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