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    Green Maeng Da Kratom



    Green is a go, Houston.  Prepare for lift off… WOOOOOOOOOOAH!  We’ve been watching a lot of astronaut movies lately.

    This strain is stellar for the record, given to us by some sweet alien neighbors that told us that they wanted relief and energy, but also the ability to focus on their favorite sci-fi movies (they call them documentaries, but let’s not go down that rabbit hole).

    Our esteemed reviewers state:

    • Decent energy
    • good relief from stress
    • feels like it is in-between our White and Gold strains
    • Bring back the TV show, Firefly

    The Hatter agrees with the need to bring back Nathon Fillion-led, sci-fi westerns but doesn’t think he can help with that. This is a popular strain that sells out regularly, so try an ounce (about 28 grams) of this ‘stellar’ Green Maeng Da kratom today!  Shiny!

    Please leave your review to help others and share your vibe!

    Love and Tea!

    -The Hatter

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    1oz., 2oz.


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