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    Gold Indo Kratom



    The Hatter is like King Midas,

    so we’ve been told

    everything that he touched

    turned to gold…

    The Hatter’s Green Indo is not ‘tricky” nor will it ask you to rock a rhyme, right on time.  Our reviewers (huge old-school hip-hop fans, obviously), have come back with some feedback that you will love! They state:

    • no significant changes to energy levels, but motivated!
    • like an attitude improvement in a capsule
    • they have expressed a desire for me to buy them Adidas shoes and clothing

    The Hatter says: He is absolutely unaware as to why Mary, Mary is buggin’, so stop asking. This is a rare find for our shop and great for experienced kratom users. It will be gone soon, grab your gold chains, turn tables and order!  (note: there is no implied endorsement by any hip-hop artists in this review, just a lot of fan love from all of us here.)

    Please leave your review to help others and share your vibe!

    Love and Tea!

    -The Hatter

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    1 oz., 2 oz.


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