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    Your health and well-being are important to us! We ask that you use our product in a safe and responsible manner. 

    Mad Hatter Herbals LLC does not knowingly promote its products to, knowingly sell to individuals under the age of 21 or in jurisdictions where its products are known to be illegal. 

    We currently cannot sell to individuals that live in the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont and Wisconsin. It is also prohibited in the City of San Diego California, Sarasota County Florida, Union County Mississippi and Jerseyville Illinois. 

    Though we adhere to the rules of these jurisdictions, we do disagree with their decision to ban kratom. If you are affected by any of these bans or would like to help make sure that it isn’t banned in your area, please support the American Kratom Association’s efforts to promote safety through education and regulation, and also their efforts to keep kratom safe and legal for us all! 


    Our products have not been evaluated by the FDA and we make no claims that they can treat, diagnose or cure medical conditions. Opinions shared in the reviews, links and comments sections have also not been evaluated by the FDA and are not to replace the advice of a medical professional. 

    Please do not use our product if you have any underlying medical condition that may be adversely affected by it. This is including being pregnant or thinking that you may be pregnant. Do not use if operating heavy machinery or a motor vehicle. These warnings are not meant to be all encompassing, if you have a question as to whether or not it is safe for you to take our product, please consult your physician first. 

    Although we make every effort to ensure the safety of our product for you, our customer, ultimately you must take it at your own risk. Please see Terms and Conditions page for further limitations and information. 

    We reserve the right to hold shipment of orders over $250 until payment has cleared for first time customers. We also will prosecute NSF checks for the full amount of the order plus any bank and/or legal fees incurred.