About Us

About us:

Welcome to Mad Hatter Herbals!

What started as a hobby has become a passion of ours. We started this company with the goal of supplying the best lab tested kratom on the market and want you to be happy and changed for the better with our product. This is not a job to us; we love what we do.

We support the American Kratom Association’s policy of lab tested supply, the use of the Good Marketing Practices and also their policy on restricting the sale to any minor in any jurisdiction. We test all of our products at a certified independent lab with results available upon request.

If there is any kratom related product that you would like us to supply, reach out to me and if there is enough call for it, I’ll supply it at some of the best prices on the market.

Most important in our business model is you, our customer. Come to wonderland, enjoy some tea and hang out at our most mad tea party.

Much love from wonderland!


Owner – Mad Hatter Herbals LLC